Agege is the location of Dorman Long Protective Coatings which owns the only large scale engineering quality hot dip galvanising facility in Nigeria due to open in Q3 2009.

It was designed very much with the demands and specifications of the oil and gas industry in mind who participated in its conception. As a result we now have one of the larger state of the art plants in the world with an initial capacity of 50,000mt/an. Doubling of this capacity is now in the planning stages.

    • Total covered area of 8,500m2 with further open area of 15,000m2
    • The kettle is 14m long by 1.5m wide by 2.4m deep holding 350mt zinc and can handle virtually any section likely to require galvanising in the region. Longer lengths can be processed using a double dip process.
    • The kettle is fully enclosed allowing all fumes to be extracted and cleansed to the most stringent standards.
    • A 4 dual fuel burner furnace.
    • Hot degrease tank with provision for alkaline and acidic degreasing.
    • 6 pickling tanks
    • 4 two stage rinse tanks.
    • Hot flux tank using a twin salt flux
    • Twin Station enclosed dryer
    • Kettle
    • Quench tanks with post polymer based deoxidant supercoat to arrest white rust formation
    • Grit blasting facilities for heavily rusted steel
    • Cyclone scrubber to clean the galvanising fumes down to 5mg/m3 which is 50% lower than the European Union standard which itself is the strictest in the world. Thus the Dorman Long facility is very clean.
    • Full neutralisation facilities to treat spent acid and caustic soda
    • The site will shortly open a fully automated manufacturing facility for standard products such as transmission towers, gratings, hand rails and highway guard rails which all require galvanising.