Our History

Dorman Long Engineering Limited was established by the British in 1949 and was originally called Amalgamated Engineering. Today it is a wholly Nigerian – owned company. Dorman Long is Nigeria’s leading Oilfield Equipment, Structural Steel and Marine Structures Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Galvanizing and Commissioning Company.

  • 1949: Dorman Long Engineering Limited, which was called Amalgamated Engineering Limited at inception was founded by British mechanical engineers, Sir Francis Turton – Hart and Geo Cole. It was one of the structural engineering companies in Nigeria speculating in structural steel fabrication for bridges, factories and warehouses.
  • 1960: Amalgamated Engineering Limited was merged with British Steel’s Dorman Long and became Dorman Long & Amalgamated Engineering Limited. The merger led to an expanded product range which included water and fuel tanks, and commercial buildings. The company, which was 100% British – owned was pivotal in the general industrial development of Nigeria from the 50’s – 80’s including the steel fabrication for the construction of the bridge spanning the vast River Niger in the Eastern part of Nigeria which today remains the only road link between eastern and western Nigeria.
  • 1977: the promulgation of the indigenization decree by the Federal Government, saw the commencement of a significant reduction in foreign shareholding and concomitantly, an increase in Nigerian shareholding. Today, Dorman Long is wholly owned by Nigerian Institutions and individuals.
  • • By the 1990’s, Dorman Long expanded its scope to include the manufacture of equipment for the rapidly expanding Oil and Gas industry with the fabrication of specialized equipment including pressure vessels. This accentuated the need to build greater capacity required for fabricating even more complex equipment. The company rose to the challenge. Dorman Long acquired and developed the facilities and requisite skills for the fabrication of a broad range of heavy engineering products and services.
  • 2002: The name changed to Dorman Long Engineering Limited.

Capacity building by way of developing facilities and skills is continuous; our most recent landmark achievement is the installation of Nigeria’s only large scale, engineering quality, hot dip galvanizing plant. Today, Dorman Long has made deep incursions into the provision of engineering products and services which hitherto could only be obtained by importing them into Nigeria.