Galvanizing Services

In 2009, Dorman Long installed and commenced the operation of the first heavy engineering quality large – scale, state of the art, hot – dip galvanizing facility in Nigeria at our Agege site in Lagos state.
This is also the first large – scale hot – dip galvanizing plant in West Africa. The existence of this facility has provided a tremendous boost to the scope for the Nigerian Content Development.

Our hot – dip galvanizing plant has a annual galvanizing capacity of 75,000 Metric tonnes of black materia and is suited to steel structures of all kinds. Our facility also boasts a tower testing bay. The furnace at the plant has a capacity of 4 x 195,000 Btu/hr dual fuel burners and it conforms to Quality Standards – BS EN ISO 1461:1999 & ASTM A 123

It is composed of;

  • Latching unit
  • Acid   pickling baths
  • Hot degreasing baths
  • Double station dryer
  • Galvanizing kettle of 14m x 1.5m x 2.4m with molten zinc holding capacity of 350MT

The plant is also designed to handle large quantities of smaller standard products such as gratings, communication and power transmission tower sections and highway guard rails. A dedicated fully automated fabrication plant for the manufacture of such items as mentioned above is currently under construction. It is located alongside the galvanizing facility.